Thursday, December 12, 2013

How is December almost half over?!

I have a sinus infection that makes me feel like there is a horse standing on my face. I also have 2+ feet of snow and cannot get out of my driveway. I've spent most of the past two days on the couch taking Sudafed and vitamin C and trying not to expire. My mom has been awesome and I am so thankful that I got sick while at home with her instead of having to be alone and sick in Ohio. She is the best.

Musical practice for The Wedding Singer has begun. I've had three rehearsals which have all proved incredibly productive. I set a whole number on the first day and the following two rehearsals have allowed me to set 3/4 of another number. I'm so pleasantly surprised.

Life has been a kind of adjustment the past few weeks but I'm handling it. Except that I just realized its less than two weeks until Christmas. So I better get started on gifts.

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