Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Two Cool New Little Things

Two really cool things have happened in the last week or so and I'm super excited to share them with you here.

The first is that I joined The Bookish Group indie publishing collective as the Social Media Manager. I'm mad excited to be helping out these wonderful ladies and contributing to the collective in whatever way I can.

Second is The Great Noveling Adventure anthology SUMMER NIGHTS which went live on 6/21. My story Under the Summer Stars is included and I'm super proud of it.
I was on the editorial board as well and I love each and every one of these stories. They're fabulous and represent TGNA very well. The anthology is FREE so you should absolutely check in out. There is no risk!

What exciting things are you getting up to this summer?!

L.S. Mooney

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


THE GEEK GIRL'S GUIDE TO CHEERLEADING  by Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance follows Bethany and her best friend Moni as they try out for Varsity Cheerleading, unexpectedly make the squad, and deal with the consequences. Is a geek with pom-poms still a geek?

I really enjoyed this book partially because I was the artsy girl who went out for football cheerleading as a senior and partially because I had the biggest crush on the team captain and partially because I fought with my friends over it and partially because it is just so well written.

But that run-on sentence aside, Tahmaseb and Vance understand high school girls, the social hierarchy, and geek friendship. They understand crushes and first loves and heartbreak and family. Also, how uncomfortably short cheer uniforms are. And how sweet freshmen boys can be. And ugh. This book, ok?

I don't want to give anything away but if you love geeks, sports, and romance this book is for you.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer of Self

I had BIG plans for this summer. A road trip, visiting old friends, romance. But reality is a nasty thing and adulting is pure evil. As such I had to take a serious full time day job and squeeze in my internship on the side which means no road trip, no visiting friends, and ...well there was no romance anyway.

I've been pretty bitch-tastic about the situation for the last few weeks. Yes, I am a privileged brat who needs to get over herself, I know. And that really hit home recently, especially as I started work today. So I have to work this summer LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Get over yourself, Lavender!

Instead of moping and whining, I've decided to still make this summer about me and self improvement and my own version of adventure. I don't have to be impersonating Jack Kerouac to be having a great summer.

Firstly, I'm getting back to ballet class. Although dance has still been a huge part of my last year with choreographing musicals, etc. I have not been working on my own technique for a while. That is changing now. I went to three consecutive days of ballet class followed a relaxing day of yoga. I am sore but feeling amazing.

I'm also revamping my eating habits. Stress had me eating Doritos and drinking Cherry 7Up for the last six months but sanity returning has let me see the error of my ways. I'm cutting out soda and quenching my carbonation thirst with seltzer water. I'm replacing Doritos with hummus and pita chips. A week in, I already feel better.

Secondly, I'm focusing on seeing local friends and staying in touch with far away ones. Just because I can't go jetting off to Minnesota doesn't mean I can't send a text message or an email or - heaven forbid - make phone call. I've already gotten ice cream with a local friend and gchatted with a far away one. Also, snail mail.

Thirdly, I'm putting me first. I'm working on me FOR ME. I am taking stock of my life in a lot of different ways. I'm setting goals, making plan, and all around having deep thoughts. I am also looking for little adventures near home. Hitting up the Habor for the free concert series or checking out the various town festivals in the area. Hopefully I will do these things with friends but I'll go alone if I have to.

Lastly, I'm reading a ton for pleasure and writing for the same purpose. I don't care if it's good or publishable or if anyone likes it. I started writing because I love it and that's why I going to keep doing it!

What are you summer plans?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GIRLS DON'T FLY nested in my heart

GIRLS DON'T FLY by Kristen Chandler is the story of Myra, a teenager with a lot of responsibilities. She already struggled to balance her family obligations with school and her boyfriend but when he dumps her and her pregnant older sister adds even more to her proverbial plate, something has to give. In a situation that could be crushing, Myra finds her wings, pushing herself to go head to head with her ex in an academic competition, find a new job, demand her own space, and just maybe fall in love along the way.

This book wrecked me because it hit so close to home in so many ways. It NAILS the complicated family scenario. The frustration, the insanity, the animosity, the mostly unconditional love. It's all there. Getting it right again, Chandler shows the challenge of letting others into your life when your family is something they will never understand. I've been there and it sucks and this book showed it. But this book, for me, was about hope. About finding your chance and going for it. About achieving balance most of the time but letting yourself screw up too.

I LOVED this book and cannot recommend it enough. Especially if you have an overbearing family with high expectations. Especially if you know how hard it is to find your niche. Just go read it!

To reread or not to reread? That is the question.

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