Thursday, January 30, 2014

Notes from the Polar Vortex

January has really gotten away from me. I feel like I was sitting on my sister's boyfriend's floor ringing in the New Year just last week when it was really a month ago. I blame it on the winter weather.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a northerner. Not only that, I spent many winters (including this one) in Buffalo, NY. That's right, smack in the middle of the Lake Effect Snow Belt. But let me tell you that this winter has given  me a run for my money.

Since January 2, the first day of school after the Christmas holidays, my district has had SIX snow days and three further days of cancelled after school activities. Being a substitute teacher and school musical choreographer, I pace my life by the school schedule so for much of January I haven't even known what day it is or where I have to be. (As an aside, I am mad stressed about finishing my dance numbers for my March musicals when we NEVER HAVE REHEARSAL!)

Also, it's been COLD. Like negative temperatures with REALLY negative wind chills. Two days this past week, the school was closed despite state testing because it was too cold to have the kids waiting outside for the buses. I might have been referred to as an Ice Queen once or twice in my day but no one likes temperatures that low. Hence, I've spent a lot of time bundled up in blankets, vegging on the couch watching bad day time TV and cuddling with my cats. Solid life choice, if you ask me.

Basically, I've been a slug for a month and I don't know how I feel about it. In some ways, I know I needed a break. Mentally and physically I've been a little off lately. However, I wonder if pushing through it might not have been a better option. Anyway, I have high hopes for February. Which include - much as it pains my Ice Queen heart to say - romantic plans for Valentine's Day and LOTS of musical things both in real life and on the page.

How have you started off 2014?

L.S. Mooney

Saturday, January 4, 2014

a new year, a new goal

It seems really surreal to me that it is 2014. I look at the calendar and my brain has trouble processing that there aren't two zeros in the year anymore. Yes, I realize it hasn't been that way for a few years not but I was in high school in the double-o years and they seem seared into my mind. So with every year that we get farther away from them, the calendar looks more wrong. I realize that is probably more than a little weird but whatever. Anyway, as I stand at the beginning of another year, I like to make a few goals and take stock of my progress towards my goals of the past year. 

In 2013, my goals were: 
1. Read More 
2. Write More 
3. Save a Little Money
Surprisingly enough, I met all these goals. I read 108 books (40 more than last year and 4 more than my goal). I have thousands of words written on a story that I love. And I have a savings account. It is currently quite small, but it exists. 

In 2014, my goals are:
1. Read Less
2. Write More (aka finish a first draft of G4)
3. Save a Little Money
4. Be Happy

I am really psyched about my goals, especially the new one: be happy. I am firmly in my mid-twenties and I want to enjoy it! 

So, what are you planning to do this year?

To reread or not to reread? That is the question.

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