Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Feast or Famine

Feast scene from the Lutrell Psalter. 

This past weekend, I wrote 3000 words in an afternoon. That was more than I had written in the previous three weeks. You want to know the best part?

It wasn't even hard. 

My brain was ready to write and it did. The story had been stewing in there just the right amount of time to flow freely onto the page. It was honestly one of the best writing days I've had in recent memory. 

I know you aren't supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth but I can't help asking WHY?

I mean why this weekend after weeks of wanting to write and no being able to? Why those chapters when there are others I really want to write as well? Why did my internal editor finally take a day off?

I don't know if anyone can honestly explain it. But I know I want to understand it better so I can have more feast days and less famine.

Anybody have any real tips? I don't mean those "make yourself do it" writer's block tips. I mean real ways to get words flowing instead of trickling.


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