Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Writing a Book: My Journey in Gifs

So...I finished the first draft of my first book and I am beside myself. Allow me to show you my book journey with gifs. 

One day I was just sitting around like this: 

When I got an idea like: 

So I worked really hard for a long time until I was all: 

 But then I lost the plot and was all like:

Suddenly inspiration struck and everything fell into place and I was all: 

With only a few chapters left I felt like life wouldn't stop happening long enough to let me write. Like, seriously:

And  then I finished it and I'm currently dancing like whoa: 

 Sorry for the preponderance of Buffy gifs but that show is basically my air. When I am a little more coherent I might have more eloquent things to say about this 15 month journey but for now this is it.

L.S. Mooney

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