Monday, August 8, 2016

Series Review: Radleigh University Trilogy by Dahlia Adler

If you don't know who Dahlia Adler is, you should go follow her on Twitter and I guarantee if it isn't Shabbos she will make your life better in the first 24 hours. If it is Shabbos, it might take 48. She's a huge resource to the writing community and she makes phenomenal inappropriate comments. Basically, she's a keeper.

You should also go buy her NA Radleigh University trilogy: LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL, and OUT ON GOOD BEHAVIOR.

Lizzie, Cait, and Frankie start off as college roommates and become best friends. Each book chronicles one of the girls' happily ever after and the bumpy ride to get there!

LWaT is Lizzie's story of extreme loss, huge responsibility, and falling for her TA.
RoFR is all Cait and her long lost first love with some NCAA sports and roommate drama thrown in for good measure. (I try to not have favorites in this trilogy because they are all amazing but this might be it)
OoGB is pansexual Frankie trying out monogamy with Cait's new roommate. So. Much. Drama.

I'm actually having a hard time with this review because I thoroughly enjoy these books so much it hard to be serious about it. But really. Adler rocks at the gushy romantic parts, the steamy sexy parts, AND the kickass girl friendship parts. What is not to love?

The only answer is that the trilogy is over!

Can we also talk about these gorgeous covers for a hot second? 

Go read these books. I promise you won't be sorry!


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