Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's Up Wednesday #1

A few writerly people I know have started doing WUW so I thought I'd give it a try. Here goes.

WHAT I'M READING: I just finished Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson. It is a YA Contemp about three very different girls who become even more unlikely friends while spending the summer working in a peach orchard in Georgia. The best part of it for me was the way the friendship just happened between the girls. Anderson nails the uncertain feeling of new friendship.

WHAT I'M WRITING: I'm still working on Draft 1 of Goodbye Good-Goody Girl, aka the musical YA contemp I talk about all the time. I finally have the last two chapters and the very end looking like real words. Don't get excited, I'm missing around 10 chapters in the middle. However, the scenes I have been working on make me happy.

WHAT INSPIRES ME RIGHT NOW: I am incredibly inspired right now by the musical cast members I am working with at an inner city arts high school where my sister teaches. The energy and uniqueness that they bring into rehearsal everyday is impressive on many levels. They make me think about creativity and passion. They've also made me really want to write a story that has been bouncing around in my head for years.

WHAT ELSE I'VE BEEN UP TO: I've been a little crazy. This is Hell Week for my first musical of the season. We've had evening runs all week and we open tomorrow. I'm sleep deprived and a little slap-happy but I am also excited to see them performing on stage. It has been a rough season with lots of snow days and missed rehearsals but the kids are working hard so I have moderate hopes of success.

What's up with you this Wednesday?

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