Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rules were made to be broken

A few days ago, on Twitter, this happened.

It was so incredibly encouraging to have this interaction with other authors. As a writer who has never taken a creative writing class in her life, I get really anxious when I break the "rules" that we see all over the place.
1. Use said.
2. Never start a chapter with dialogue.
3. Or the weather.
4. No adverbs
5. etc. etc. etc.

I can get myself so worked up that I can't even write because I'm sure I'm not following the rules and then it will suck. But honestly, you can't always follow all the rules or it will suck. And there are so many freaking words in our language why don't we use them? Why don't we create the most colorful and well-illustrated picture we can for our readers? So I'm going to just keep writing and worry about the rules later. Everything in moderation. I will write the story as it flows. I will use my goddamn adverbs.

I will just write.

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