Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book Review: THE BLEEDING HEART by Amy Giuffrida

Amy, the lovely and giving human that she is, offered all the members of Bookish Group Press a copy of her book, THE BLEEDING HEART. I devoured it in one sitting. 

It's the story of Brooklyn, a girl with a dark history and a pretty dark way of dealing with it. When meeting a new guy and inflicting pain in her uncle's tattoo shop get mixed up with the all too present remains of her past, she struggles to keep her carefully crafted balance.

I really enjoyed the flawed character of Brooklyn, particularly her self-awareness with how wrong her coping mechanism is. She is fascinated by blood and pain and she knows it. She knows it's not normal, she knows it's bordering on a dangerous obsession but she keeps doing it anyway. Seeing her interactions with the rest of the characters was really interesting and intriguing. It also served to humanize her rather twisted fascination and practice and I loved the potential in her character arc for both positive and negative change.

Without spoiling anything, I will admit that I was frustrated by the ending. I wanted it to end differently for so many reasons. The biggest reason for me is because I felt like there was more potential character growth that was cut short. Even if there had never been a sequel, I wanted the potential set up and the promise of a continuing arc of emotional evolution. The ending didn't allow me that.

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