Thursday, September 24, 2015

The definition of busy.

So I have officially transitioned into my fall schedule and it is exhausting. 

I thought my summer schedule was hard with my internship (which finished up fantastically btw but that is for another post) and nearly full time job. I was wrong. 

A friend of mine described my current situation like this: You have your hands in a lot of pots and they are all full of wasps. 

That is exactly what it feels like. 

I'm doing another internship two days a week in addition to taking an evening grad class; I'm tutoring one evening and Saturday mornings at an local university; I'm substitute teaching in two districts; and I'm taking ballet class four nights a week, plus Saturday afternoon rehearsal because I'm performing in Nutcracker. 

Somewhere in there I am trying to keep my lawn tended, myself and my cats fed, and talk to my friends. 

Oh, and maybe write. 

It goes without saying that I am exhausted. HOWEVER, I'm also happy. Yep, your read that right. I am happy. I feel empowered and smart and social and just GOOD. I still have bad days, but I am feeling really positive. And it is such a welcome change. 

Busy as I am, I still managed to have a writing lunch yesterday with a local friend bursting with an idea. It was great, we talked about plotting vs pantsing and outlining options. I talked about the idea I'm working on that I shouldn't be working on because I have two other already-started ideas. We had a really great time and even though it was only a few hours out of a busy day, It was awesome. 

I haven't found time to write more than this blog post just yet, but I'm working on it. I've got a three hour window in my Friday schedule that is looking pretty good right now. 

How is fall shaping up for all of you?

L.S. Mooney


  1. I love being busy. I'm glad it's working out well for you and making you happy! You have a very full schedule :)

    1. I don't why I didn't see this until now! But yes, I am loving it! October looks crazier than Sept but I'm thriving on it. I'm not writing a whole lot but that's okay. Hope you're well! :D


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