Sunday, May 11, 2014

Real Life, Bragging Rights, and Hope

I've been a little MIA lately because "real me" started a new job and is training for another summer one. Oh, and my car is a drama queen. Who wants to be an adult anyway? Responsibilities? Gross.

Anyway, I'm making time today to pop back in because I have exciting personal news. The high school show for which I did choreography this season just won a regional award FOR CHOREOGRAPHY. I know, I know, I'm bragging. But, really. It's a big deal and I'm so freaking excited I can't stop smiling even though it happened in a big ceremony last night. 

I love doing musical choreography, I love being a part of shows - it's why I'm writing a novel centered on a high school musical. Being recognized for being good at something I love is truly an incredible feeling. I've been feeling pretty adrift for a while now and knowing that I can do what I love and be good at it and have people recognize that I'm talented was a serious morale booster. It also gives me hope for the other aspects of my life in which I haven't felt particularly successful or recognized. I am modestly confident that when the time is right people will recognize what I'm doing as worthwhile. 

Also, have a picture of me on stage at the ceremony (I'm the one in purple).

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