Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's Up Wednesday # 6

    I just finished A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller and it was awesome. I don't generally love historical fiction - for a lot of reasons - but this one was great. What I found shocking about it in some ways was how little things have changed for women in a lot of respects. It reignited the fiery passion I had about EVERYTHING when I was a teenager. Plus, art, fashion, and a very cute policeman.
    I've crossed the 41k mark on G4. I'm writing the shenanigans in the middle right now and loving it. Most recently, Mirella and friends went to a frat party. I've also written a lot of friendship based scenes lately which is always a blast because this book is 50% about friendship, 35% about musicals and only 15% about romance. Don't quote my figures though, I just made them up as I typed that sentence...
    I also started a short story that is garbage but I like the topic so I might explore it further. I'll keep you updated. :)
    Inspiration is coming from the weather and music. The warm weather makes me want to sit outside and write - even though G4 is set in winter. Recently, I had to introduce my students to a great song I loved in high school but NONE of my students had heard (I talked about that experience more on TGNA last week) and it has sparked a nostalgic bout of musical stylings from the 00 years.
    I recently took a huge step towards becoming more self-sufficient by learning to work on my own cars. I replaced the shocks in our truck and took the starter off my car. It's really liberating and empowering! I've been paying people for YEARS to do things that it only took me an afternoon to learn. #winning
    I also just finished (today actually) a long term substitute teaching position. It was a wonderful experience and I will miss my students a lot but I am ready to be done. There is something about another teacher's classroom that always keeps you on edge. My summer job starts Monday and once again, life is moving on faster than I can keep up!

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