Sunday, July 14, 2013


is a YA novel currently titled Goodbye, Good-Goody Girl, or G4 for short. "Goodbye, Good-Goody Girl! I'm changing, and how!" is the title character's refrain line in the opening number of the show Thoroughly Modern Millie. My main character, Mirella, is playing that role of Millie in her last high school musical.
As I try now to explain what G4 is about, I struggle. When I first came up with this idea, the lovely Jenny (of TNGA fame) asked me to tell her in one sentence what my story was about. It is still the most accurate description of it I can give.
I said:
Mirella wanted to make her senior year count but now her life is spiraling out of control, and she has to decide if she's ready to really be Millie and say goodbye to the good girl.
I have about 4200 words written and a skeletal outline. I am super super excited about this project and the journey it is going to take me on.

Won't you come, too?

 (This is concept art for Chapter One)

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